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“I want to thank you for allowing us to stay at your slice of heaven.It was truly a unique experience and one that we both cherished.You have created a magical world on your hillside. I hope to be able to visit again.”                                                             


“The first big adventure of our trip was accessing and then assessing our cabin which was nestled up the mountain side in the canyon. Built at the top of a 250 foot switch back trail, we hiked with our luggage tugged along in a four-wheeled cart designed for a bag of groceries, not a body-bag of a duffle and three other bags. Once up top the climb proved totally worth it as our place was a Shangri-la of 1960s cheer, a rainbow factory of whimsy.

                                               -KP, Davis CA

“Our stay in your incredible home was unforgettable. We found it comfortable, peaceful, inspiring, and replenishing. We love the bright and colorful home you’ve created. Its masterful carpentry and art are uplifting for the soul. And above all, your warm spirit and gracious hospitality provided us with the perfect, peaceful retreat. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We hope to cross paths many times again.”

                                           -E, D and J,  Boston MA     


“ We are grateful for the time we spent here. We found a piece of heaven in your ”dragon garden.” We’ll see you again.


                                                       -M and M,  Venice, Italy

“Your rainbow cottage has been the ideal retreat for my Mom and me this week. We’ll have fond memories to last a lifetime. Next time I’m bringing my husband back - he will love this place. Thank you for all your generosity.”

                                                             KP  Davis, CA


“Where am I?  Thailand? The Caribbean? A tree house or the hidden hamlet of a Buddhist monk??”

                                                      - San Francisco, CA

“It could not have been better...without a doubt, the best place we ever stayed.”   

                                                             - S, Arroyo Grande CA  June 27, 2009

Being here for a 24 hour spell has reminded me to dwell always in the possibility of loving this life”

                                                  - Los Angeles, CA

“This is definitely the cherry on top of the sundae!”